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Commercial Deadbolt Locks Barrie

Commercial Deadbolt Locks come in several configurations and referenced to as Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt.


When compared to residential deadbolts, commercial deadbolt locks are more durable and provide additional level of security by offering a 6th pin within the key cylinder, while residential deadbolts only come with 5 pins. The more the pins within the key cylinder the more secure and the lock becomes harder to pick.


High Security commercial deadbolt locks are available with up 10 pins. Medeco commercial deadbolts are considered the best and most secured deadbolt out there, as well as Mul-T-Lock and few other alternate brands with similar characteristics.


Another benefit of High Security Commercial Deadbolt Locks is that it comes with a dedicated ID card for its key, it cannot be duplicated without you presenting this ID card to an authorized locksmith, this way you can be rest assured no one would be able to make duplicates without your knowledge.


Commercial Deadbolts come in the following configurations:


Deadbolt thrown or retracted with key from the outside or using thumb turn on the inside of the unit. This is the most common type and can be used in multiple commercial applications.


Deadbolt is thrown or retracted with key from outside and inside. This type of deadbolt is used to restrict exit through specific entry/exit points, and can only be accessible by someone with a key to gain entry or exit.

Double sided deadbolt can also be configured in a way that one key can be used to open the door on the outside but not able to open it from the inside and vice versa, and alternate configuration to control access to ones commercial unit or offices.   


The deadbolt is thrown or retracted using a key on the outside and on the inside the thumb turn will retract the bolt only. Such configuration would not allow to lock the door from the inside. If one is locked accidentally in the room, he or she will be able to use the thumb turn to retract the bolt. 


This deadbolt is closed or retracted only on the inside of the room, while displaying on the outside Vacant or In Use message. This is the most common type of deadbolt used in dressing rooms and public washrooms. Most indicator deadbolts will have a small whole on the outside of the deadbolt for a mini master key or a pin that can be used to unlock the deadbolt if it gets locked from the inside, or can not be retracted by the room occupant.


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