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Commercial Locks Barrie

Commercial Locks are designed and built to handle excessive use and abuse, and should be always used where higher than average traffic flow of people exists.  Commercial locks are more durable when compared to Residential Locks.

Majority of commercial locks and commercial lever locks are fire rated, since in most municipalities this is a by-law requirement.  

Most Commercial Units and Business will have above average flow of people in and out, commercial locks are built to handle such environment without compromising durability .

Commercial Locks are graded by National Standard Institute a non profit organization, whom sets the standards for Commercial Locks, they look for material used in locks and locks durability and longevity.  Commercial Locks are graded with Grade 1 as the most durable grade, Grade 2, and Grade 3 can also be used for Commercial and Businesses but in limited application.

Grade 1 Locks,

Grade 1 Commercial Locks are the most durable locks,  are fire rated , and designed to handle excessive use. These locks should be used on all exterior doors and interior doors with large number of people going through. Usually used in store fronts, offices, schools, and hospitals. Grade 1 Locks also have a higher level of security when compared to Residential Locks.


Grade 2 Locks

Grade 2 Commercial Locks are meant for lighter commercial use both for exterior and interior use and used mostly by offices with lower traffic. They do not wear out as quick but tend to fail under excessive usage over long period of time (10 years or more).

Grade 3 Locks

Grade 3 locks are indented for residential use only, and are not recommended for commercial applications, but still can be used in some instances such as in storage and electrical rooms with minimal use.

We always evaluate the traffic flow and particular lock for each business on case by case basis, and only then would provide recommendation as to what grade of commercial lock one should use. But we suggest for all business not to go below Grade 2 commercial locks to handle above average usage when compared to residential locks use.

Commercial Locks come in the following configurations:

1.  Commercial Deadbolt Lock.
2.  Commercial Lever Lock.
3.  Mortise Commercial Lock.
4.  Commercial Keypad Lock
5.  Adams Rite Commercial Lock.
6.  Electric Strike Commercial Lock.
7.  Push Bar Commercial Locks.
8.  Emergency Exit Trim Device Lock.
9.  Mechanical Keypad Door Lock.

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