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Sooner or later, you will need locksmith services. When that day comes, there’s no point in wondering who to call. By contracting Locksmith Pros, whatever lock problem you have will be resolved in no time. Here are some of the things that our Etobicoke locksmith team can handle quickly and efficiently.

What We Offer Our Residential Customers

Have you ever had to ask a roommate to leave your home? Perhaps you’ve been through a divorce and wonder if your former spouse returned all the keys. Instead of not knowing who might be able to walk back into the house any time, the smart move is to change the locks.

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We’ll send a locksmith in Etobicoke to your home and take a look at all the locks. If they are high quality and in top condition, we can often re-key them for you. That will ensure the old keys don’t work anymore. If you want new locks and maybe like the idea of adding a deadbolt, we can do that too.

Cabinetry and desk locks are also not a problem. Whether you have lost the keys or if one has broken off in a lock, we know what to do. In no time at all, we can replace or re-key the locks, remove broken keys, and have a fresh set in your hands.

Who hasn’t been locked out of a home or a car before? Since those kinds of events can happen anytime, we have a 24 h locksmith on hand who can take care of the problem. Give us a call and our professional will be on the way at once. You’ll be back in the house or in your car in no time.

What We Offer Our Commercial Customers

Locksmith Pros offers a full range of support for commercial customers. If you own a retail store, push bars are a great choice for the front door. They lock with ease and provide more security than other options. Outfit the doors with automatic door operators and closers to offer your customers maximum convenience.

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For the back door that your employees use, we offer access control systems that ensure no one gets in without the proper access codes.

There’s one or more spaces in your office that are for authorized personnel only. These include the server rooms where your network equipment is kept, and file rooms that contain proprietary documents. If you are wondering about how to improve security, we can help. A free assessment will make it easier to decide how to update the locks and protect those areas from possible breaches.

What would happen if an employee was accidentally locked in one of those secured spaces? Since many locks are designed for time release only, you will need help getting the door open. One call to us will have an Etobicoke emergency locksmith on the way. Thanks to the years of experience we have, our professional will know how to get the door open and let your employee out quickly.

In fact, we have a 24 hour locksmith in Etobicoke who is on hand to help with any type of emergency. That includes fast repairs if your business is broken into during the middle of the night and you need to replace the lock as soon as the police are finished with their investigation.

We’re Here for You Any Time!

At Locksmith Pros, we recognize that homeowners and business professionals may need locksmith services outside of standard business hours. Maybe you work odd hours and can’t be home to talk with a locksmith until later in the evening. Perhaps business commitments mean you have to seek help on a weekend. In these and other cases, we are happy to meet when the time is convenient for you.

Remember that we have an emergency locksmith in Etobicoke on call to help residential and commercial customers at any time. There is no need to wait until Monday morning if a problem comes up on the weekend. Call us and the issue will be resolved.

With our 12 years of combined experience in commercial locks and our vast experience with residential security, you can rest assured that Locksmith Pros can help you with just about any situation.
Call us today at (888) 531-0636 and let’s talk about what type of project you are facing. Our consultations are free and we happily provide estimates at no cost. After you talk with our expert, there will be no doubt about who you should trust for all of your locking needs.