Why Locksmith Pros is Your One Choice for All Of Your North York Lock and Security Needs

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Are you unhappy with one or more of the locks around your house? Do you think some may need replacing while a few others could use some work? What you need is a locksmith. By calling Locksmith Pros, you will have access to experts who can help with any type of door or window lock imaginable. Let’s talk about some of the locksmith services that we offer to homeowners as will as the owners of business enterprises.

What We Do Around the Home

Have you ever thought about how many locks are found around the house? There’s the locks for the front and back doors. The bathroom door likely has a lock. If you have French doors leading out to the garden, they have locks too. That doesn’t even include locks for the windows or any desk drawers, cabinets or home safes that also have locks.

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When any of these locks stop functioning, you need help from a locksmith in North York. Our team knows what to do when a key breaks off in a front door lock. If you are not so sure about the older locks on your windows, we can install new ones that provide more security. Should the combination lock on your home safe stop working, we can replace it and ensure you can get to your valuables once again.

Not all residential lock problems develop during normal working hours. That’s why we have a 24 hour locksmith in North York on duty at all times. Finding that you’ve locked the keys in the car or that the front door accidentally slammed shut when you stepped out to get the mail does not have to be a major crisis. One call to us and someone will be on the way to take care of the problem.

What We Do At Your Place of Business

The range of services that we provide to commercial clients is just as comprehensive. Our North York locksmith can change the exterior locks when you have to let an employee go or have reason to believe some keys are missing.

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If you are concerned about security, we can evaluate the condition and type of your door and window locks. When they are lacking in some way, our team will sit down and identify several replacement options.

We can even help secure your important documents. Special locks with keypads can be used for your file rooms. More comprehensive access control locks that require each employee to enter an individual code key ensures you know who enters the space and when access was granted. You can also use this same approach for executive offices and other sensitive areas of the business operation.

When you are constructing a new place of business, we have the background to design a complete locking system that protects each area. The system can be designed so doors automatically open in the event of a fire, or automatically lock and close if there is some sign of an intruder.

Help When You Need It

Residential and business customers have access to an emergency locksmith in North York around the clock. If a home lock is damaged on a Saturday, there’s no need to wait until Monday morning. Call us and we’ll have a professional on the way to repair or replace the lock immediately.

Providing access to a 24h locksmith is one of the ways we take care of our clients. We know that you rely on those locks to feel safe and to protect the things that belong to you. Whatever the time or the day, we will be there for you.

Whether you own a home or a business, our range of services will cover any situation you can imagine. When the plan is to update your locks, our team of consultants can help you structure the project and make sure no detail is overlooked. If you need a North York emergency locksmith for any reason, we will be there. All you have to do is call.

Contact us today at (888) 531-0636 and let’s get to work on resolving whatever type of lock issue is making life rough right now. Our team is happy to provide suggestions and estimates at no cost to you. Once you make a decision about how you want to proceed, we’ll ensure the work is done quickly and professionally.